Additive Manufacturing Grant Business

Additive Manufacturing Grant Business
Additive Manufacturing Grant Business

Additive Manufacturing Grant Business

There are several different additive manufacturing grants your business may be eligible for. Additive Manufacturing Grants are available through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, which provides funding opportunities for small businesses to develop innovative products or services through research or experimentation. You can also apply for other government-backed grants that focus on new technologies, including nanotechnology and biotechnology.

What are Additive Manufacturing Grants?

Additive manufacturing is the process of 3D printing objects, with a wide range of materials, including metal and plastic. Additive manufacturing grants work by placing material on top of one another in layers to create an object.

You can use additive manufacturing to create prototypes for new products or machines in your business as part of a research and development grant from the government. Or you can use it as part of your existing product line if you’re already established in your industry.

Here is where you can get information on the Additive Manufacturing Grants

If you are an inventor and have a great idea for a new product, or if you are a business looking to be more innovative in the products that your company offers, the additive manufacturing grants program may be able to help. The U.S. Department of Commerce offers these grants to inventors and businesses who want to build their ideas into something tangible.

There is also opportunity for research institutions that have ideas about how they can improve their processes by using 3D printing technology! Educational institutions may be able to apply as well if there is someone at your school with an idea for making learning easier through additive manufacturing techniques, this might be the right grant for them!

Government agencies like NASA could also qualify for these grants if they have some type of project that would benefit from using these new technologies in their workflows (or if they want something printed).

Additive Manufacturing Grants Fact Sheet

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The objects are created by laying down successive layers of materials. This differs from traditional machining methods, which remove material to create the desired shape.

In short, additive manufacturing grants is like how an inkjet printer works: it lays down material in layers according to your design specifications and builds up an object layer by layer until it’s complete! That said, there are some differences between additive manufacturing (3D printing) and traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques like milling or turning; for example, 3D printed parts have no waste associated with them all the material used is used successfully in creating your part.

Additive Manufacturing Grants Program

Additive manufacturing (AM) refers to a wide range of technologies that build 3D objects by adding material layer-by-layer. AM includes three main techniques: selective laser sintering (SLS), direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), and fused deposition modelling (FDM).

What are the benefits of additive manufacturing grants?

Benefits include reduced design time and cost, increased speed to market through shortened supply chains, reduced waste, increased customization capability and improved performance over conventionally manufactured parts. It can also be used for prototyping applications prior to large-scale production or mass customization projects.

Additive Manufacturing Grants Eligibility

The Additive Manufacturing Grants Program is open to US-based companies that are established and operating in the business industry. You must be able to demonstrate the need for additive manufacturing in your business, but you do not need to have an existing product or prototype.

If you meet these requirements, then you’re ready to apply for the grant program!

How do I apply for an Additive Manufacturing Grants? Here’s how to apply for additive manufacturing grants:

  • You can apply for an additive manufacturing grant online at website.
  • By mail. Send your application and all supporting documents to address.
  • By phone. Call and speak with someone about applying for additive manufacturing grants.
  • In-person. Visit and meet with someone who can help you apply for an additive manufacturing grant.

There are several different additive manufacturing grants your business may be eligible for.

One example is the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) that provides funding for businesses to improve their capabilities in 3D printing. The goal of NAMII is to bring together industry and education to advance the technology at a faster rate, so if you’re interested in receiving this grant, keep an eye on its website for information on how your company can apply!

Another example is Ben Franklin Technology Partners’ Additive Manufacturing Grants Program, which provides funding for small businesses (less than 50 employees) located anywhere in Pennsylvania who want to purchase equipment or software related to 3D printing technologies.


The additive manufacturing grants is a great way for businesses to get the funding they need. The grant is designed for small businesses and is open to applications from across the country. The government will award grants up to $3 million dollars per project, which means that many companies can benefit from this program at once. If you’re looking for business funding options or want more information about how we can help your company grow please contact us today!